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Zi Yun Gao 紫雲膏
Item #: OHO001
2 oz

This addition to our regimen of therapeutic ointments brings an even more robust arsenal of organic herbs to your skin. Known as the Purple Cloud because of it's poignant ruby color derived from the Zi Cao Gen herb, this unique blend is our most powerful healing ointment for burns including sun burn and many other conditions. As with all our blends, nature always does it correctly and best.
For Heat Rash, Burns, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Inflammation, Itching, Hemorrhoids, Insect Bites, Swelling, Vaginitis, Sores, Frost Bite. Also great for Diaper Rashes.
Ingredients: **Zi Cao Gen, *Dong Quai, **Huang Lian, **Huang Qin, *Calendula, *Echinacea Root, *Goldenseal Root, Oils of: **Sesame, *Jojoba, *Sunflower, *Virgin Olive, Myrrh, *Tea tree Leaf, *Lavender Flowers, Natural Vitamin E. (*USDA Certified Organic Ingredients **Wild Crafted / Unsprayed ) GLUTEN FREE, CRUELTY FREE AND GMO FREE