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Angela Harrison MH, TCN, CHS, CA is Founder and owner of OBVITA Natural Health Education & Research, and OBVITA Organics.  She is a Master Herbalist (MH), a Traditional Classical Naturopath (ND), a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a Certified Natural Health Specialist (CHS) a Certified Holistic Aroma therapist, She is a professional member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA), the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
Angela, born in the Netherlands in 1965, lived throughout Europe as a young woman. She was greatly influenced by her 16 years living with a Chinese family and many years of travel throughout all of Europe and China experiencing an extensive variety of arts, sciences, and cultural traditions. After her Homeopathic education, Angela moved to the United States in 1995.
Angela has since studied and practiced natural medicine with an additional education in Naturopathy, Western and Chinese herbal therapies as an Herbalist, therapeutic nutrition, and Aromatherapy. Angela’s worldly education blends her knowledge of traditional uses of plants with modern science and contemporary healthcare strategies. She has helped and continues to help many people reverse difficult health problems.

With her view on health and wellness and natural beauty rooted in the ancient traditions of holistic medicine, it is Angela’s belief that the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life are closely interconnected and equally important to bringing one's system into balance, health and beauty. By using a deeply holistic approach, Angela creates beautiful professional skin care products using only food grade USDA certified organic and Wildcrafted/unsprayed ingredients. Having respect and reverence for the intended user, Angela's botanical formulas meet strict quality control measures, never compromising the bioavailability by using toxic fillers, chemical preservatives, or any other synthetic ingredient. 

Through her unique custom blended botanical formulations, she addresses the skin, recognizing that everything that is put onto the skin enters into the body and becomes one with the person. Once a product is applied to the skin, the immediate therapeutic effects assist the body’s own mechanism to promote healing of self on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and always perfectly attuned to the skin's specific needs, protecting it against premature aging and restoring its natural balance. As both beauty and health begin with intention, so is it Angela’s intention to offer the best in luxury and purity through her product offering.

Today, when Angela is not formulating more incredible products, she can be found lecturing or seeing people in her private practice. Angela knows that improved health and homeostasis is available to everyone. If we live in harmony with nature by following nature’s laws, then good health is inevitable.

“It is my hope to reach as many people as I can, improving their health and life with sound knowledge and truly organic skin care products."

“At OBVITA we help people feel better, look better and most importantly be better through love, education, and wholesome clean organic skin care products” 

"That what is required to restore back to health, the same is required to maintain health, because health is our natural state".




Dee Chang EHP, CHHP, RM, RMT, CA

She is a Energy Healing Professional (EHP), a Certified Holistic Health Professional (CHHP), a Reiki Master (RM), a Reiki Master Trainer (RMT), and a Certified Holistic Aromatherapist (CA)

Although Dee currently lives in the US, she was born in Taiwan. Her beginning was a difficult one: she was born two months early and consequently developed a severe case of jaundice. At the time, her prognosis was not good and her doctors told her mother to “just enjoy your baby
while you can. She does not have much time left to live”. Frantically trying to find a way to save her chronically ill child, Dee’s mother was counseled by a good friend to see a Chinese herbal
medicine doctor. Upon examination, the doctor quickly prescribed an herbal medicine to be administered daily as she returned home. Each day her mother would take Dee out into the
sunlight to monitor her progress and, on the third day, the jaundice was practically gone.
Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural foods saved her life.

Throughout Dee’s life, both in Taiwan and in the US, her mother was a firm believer in the
healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, natural foods, and positive energy. When Dee
gave birth to her own daughter, naturally she applied the same techniques that her mother had successfully used on her. 

After her daughter was grown and on her own, Dee went through a tremendously stressful time and became gravely ill. Symptoms included severe migraine headaches, vertigo, and a chronic pain which covered her entire body. These symptoms were so debilitating that she was unable to do most of the things that we take for granted each day. Driving became almost impossible and going to work was out of the question. There were even days when her symptoms were so severe that she could not find the energy to get out of bed. After visiting many doctors and receiving numerous tests, Dee was sent home with a variety of painkillers and epilepsy medication for the vertigo episodes. However, rather than making her better, the conventional medicines began to damage her stomach. 

At this point, seeing that health was continuing to decline, Dee took matters into her own hands and she returned to her Traditional Chinese roots and turned back to holistic healing methods. In addition, a friend of Dee’s introduced her to Reiki Energy Healing. As she did during her infancy, Dee’s health quickly responded to this combination of Chinese medicine, natural foods, and, with the advanced help of Reiki Energy Healing techniques, positive energy. Since that near-death experience, Dee promised herself to go back to school and study these holistic healing techniques intensively -- a promise that she has faithfully kept. With that knowledge, Dee has for over ten years helped others to also regain their health. 

Energy Healing has played a particularly significant part in helping others back to health both physically and emotionally. From her years of experience, Dee believes it is absolutely important to combine energy healing, herbal therapies/Chinese medicine and natural organic food in order to provide complete and holistic healing for her clients. Traditional Chinese medicine, natural foods/ therapies and energy healing brought Dee back from the brink of death. That experience now provides the passion in her own practice to help others overcome emotional and physical obstacles and live a life full of health and vitality.


“I take every opportunity I could to broaden my Holistic healing educational horizons, so I can better support and help others”- Dee 



Dixie Harrison LMT MA43556, Licensed Holistic Esthetician, Holistic Beauty Specialist/Consultant at OBVITA Natural Health and OBVITA Organics



The name OBVITA loosely translates to ‘concerning life’ in Latin. OBVITA Organics’ origin is one of altruistic health education as the organic product suite was born to provide our clients of our natural health clinic with truly natural food grade and cruelty free skin care products to a conventional world of hidden and not so hidden toxicity. The mission grew to include only clean/unsprayed ingredients derived from Nature so one can be nourished and pampered with organic skin care products & cosmetics that offer a pure and beautiful experience, while helping to conserve our planet and protect life on it.

At OBVITA Natural Health Education and Research, we spent considerable time with our natural health clinic where we facilitate the education of the body, mind and spirit relationship and the impact of nutrition and natural living on well-being. Today we have two great focuses; OBVITA Organics; producing some the world’s finest skin care products and OBVITA Natural Health which focuses on natural therapies.

Our business plan calls for continued handmade production keeping local people employed and the personalized love in everything we produce … and while we are a business, our bottom line is natural health and well-being.

There are a growing number of organic skin care companies and some outstanding companies that have been around for a while now. At OBVITA, we commit to purity and safety of product with no plans to ever change this important precept. What makes us different from other organic skin care companies today is that we make our products from scratch without the use of cheap fillers, nor do we use pre-manufactured bases, synthetic fragrances, and toxic unnatural ingredients of any kind. We take it a step further by using only food grade USDA certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients, which contain so many more antioxidants and nutrients than non-organic ingredients. Our products are skillfully formulated to increase hydration and support cellular regeneration by nourishing the skin with the highest quality nutrients, Essential Fatty Acid rich oils, antioxidants and nourishing botanicals that nature has to offer. All with professional results!

“Be Informed, Be Empowered, Realize Wellness”


*The information that we provide is not intended to substitute for professional advice from your primary healthcare physicians. We encourage you to follow the directions & advice of your primary professional providers, especially when any pre-existing health issues are present.   It is extremely important that you are closely monitored when on prescription medications as most dosages could possibly be lowered or removed overtime as you make daily changes!