At OBVITA we not only believe wholeheartedly in the fundamental principles of balance and harmony that come through living in accordance to the laws of nature but also that people deserve and need a safe place to get educated, find balance and to be heard. At OBVITA we have a passion in developing a relationship with a person who is interested in bringing harmony and balance into their life through education and individualized support.

We understand that everyone is different. In a typical first visit we sit with our clients and listen carefully to their needs and concerns. Nothing is off limits. We find a place for everything and everyone, understanding that people are complex beings, affected by their present imbalances, surroundings, diet, lifestyle, emotional and stresses.

Initial Visit
This is an extensive and comprehensive visit lasting approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. This visit initiates the relationship and allows us to really get to know your story. You will leave this visit with a clear plan on the steps to take toward your health goals and desires in your life.

Follow up Visits:
(30-45 min.)This is a return visit. This visit allows us to review and assess the initial part of the plan to guide us to the next steps.

 Phone Consultations
For those who are not in the local area, We do consult throughout the country and internationally. These visits are considered just like office visits with the same intent and fee schedule. We do request a short interview to make sure that the long distance situation will be in the client's best interest.

Contact us through the contact page by phone 941.565.6763 get started.

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