What goes ON the SkinENTERS the Body.




When it comes to weight loss, statistics tell us that most people regain the weight they have lost and more within 1-5 years. We believe that this occurs because the vast majority of weight loss programs do not address the underlying imbalances that make maintaining a healthy weight more challenging.

More often these days chemicals in drinking water, in food, pesticides, plastics, cosmetics, cleaning solvents, and many other common products build up to toxic levels in our bodies and break down our natural defenses against disease. There is scientific evidence that links chemicals to a host of chronic illnesses including obesity and or sudden weight gain.

Research suggests that inflammation, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, an impaired detoxification system and Insulin Resistance can create mood and stress responses that contribute to uncontrolled cravings, emotional eating, fatigue, aches and pains as well. All of this can potentially make physical activity difficult and sabotage any weight loss efforts by creating an environment that makes it impossible to lose weight.

At OBVITA we are deeply committed to your long term weight loss success as we formulate an individualized program that addresses common causes of weight loss resistance; our program identifies these issues. We take a step by step approach to address the issues. Your results can then be magnified and you can stop regaining and loosing the excess weight.

Schedule an appointment and find out how the OBVITA weight loss program can help you lose the weight you want and keep it off too without being hungry, call us at: 941-565-6763 to schedule your initial appointment.

*The information that we provide is not intended to substitute for professional advice from your primary healthcare physicians. We encourage you to follow the directions & advice of your primary professional providers, especially when any pre-existing health issues are present.   It is extremely important that you are closely monitored when on prescription medications as most dosages could possibly be lowered or removed overtime as you make daily changes!
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