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What is a Serum? Serums are high concentrations of nourishing active ingredients. A facial serum will give you added moisture and an abundance of nourishment. Serums are formulated so that the nutrients penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin there where your moisturizer is not able to reach. The serum is applied after your cleanser and after your toner but before your moisturizer. The handmade organic anti-aging products that you find here at OBVITA are made completely from scratch. All products are gentle and free from anything synthetic.

DMAE Skin Cream: Dr. Oz Say's It's Better Than Plastic Surgery

Feel your skin drenched in the anti-aging nutrients that are essential to healthy skin care, bodycare, and good health. Nature’s antioxidant botanicals can provide us with functional benefits in health and natural skin care. At OBVITA Organics we design our products for all to enjoy the benefits of good health and beautiful skin.

What goes ON the SkinENTERS the Body.