LIME USDA Certified Organic

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100% Pure Essential Oil
(Citrus aurantifolia)
Item #: EOL04
15 ml (.5 fl oz)

 (Use) Lime Essential Oil has a crisp, refreshing citrus scent that has been used by aromatherapists for its uplifting and revitalizing properties. It can also act as an astringent on skin where it is reputed to help clear oily skin. It is used to aid in digestive ailments, and as a cleaning agent. 

(Perfume Note) Top. 

(Blends well with) Clove bud, Cinnamon, Lemon, Begamot, Lavender, Cypress, Geranium, Citronella, clary sage, neroli, nutmeg, rosemary, vanilla, ylang ylang, Cerdarwood 
(Source) Fruit peel.
(Production method) Cold pressed. 
(Aromatherapy benefits) Acne, anemia, arthritis, asthma, boils, brittle nails, bronchitis, colds, corns, cuts, dyspepsia, fever, flu, infection, insect bites, liver pain, mouth ulcers, nosebleeds, oily skin, poor circulation, rheumatism, stomach cramps, varicose veins, warts. Lime oil can be used in any blend you would add lemon oil to. The aroma is very refreshing. 
(Aroma type)Has a crisp, sweet, fresh smell. 
(Warning) May irritate skin, promote photosensitivity. 
(Safety Avoid going in the sun while using this oil. 
Ingredients: LimeEssential Oil. (Origin: Italy) For home and professional therapeutic use.


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