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These Organic kits contain all you need to get your skin refreshed, nourished, rejuvenated and healthy.

This great kit gives you OBVITA Organics' complete rejuvenating regime. Whether you are new to OBVITA Organics and would like to try the products or are already an ardent fan and want the smaller sizes to take with you on vacation or a business trip; this kit is the perfect choice. Each of these products have incredible high performance skin healing benefits and when used together produce optimal & professional results.

ONE(1) ANTI-AGING CoQ10 DMAE FACE CREAM with Neroli, Hibiscus and Chamomile, for Normal to Dry and Mature Skin.

A skin perfecting DMAE cream with instant results. This free-radical fighting multi-vitamin nourishing cream is a favorite must-have among many that have already experienced it.

TWO(2) ANTI-AGING CoQ10 DMAE UNDER EYE REPAIR with Neroli, Sandalwood and Geranium, for All skin types.

This is a luxurious DMAE under eye cream comprised of incredibly potent and nourishing oils that leave your skin around the eyes deeply nourished, hydrated and smooth. Pampering and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids and plant extracts. Super balancing, calms sensitivity and rebuilds cell damage reducing and fighting wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness.

THREE(3) ANTI AGING SERUM Normal to Dry and Mature Skin.

This highly concentrated organic serum is the first of its kind, delivering cellular nutrition and essential skin protection in their purest form; a wonderful treatment that replenishes, and restores the skin. This serum is truly food for the cells.

FOUR(4) HERBAL CLEANSING GEL with Calendula and Artemisia, Unscented.

Artemisia derived from the Mugwort plant, this extract is rich in amino acids, proteins and cell membrane carbohydrates. A powerful anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agent that reduces redness and irritation. It increases energy supply, improves circulation and oxygenates all 3 layers of the skin. The Calendula is soothing and healing ...oil-free, cleansing gel effectively cleanses impurities, detoxifies and balances the skin without stripping the skin of it's vital, necessary protective layer, leaving the complexion thoroughly clean and radiant. All skin types.


For Normal to Dry and Mature Skin Types.

DIRECTIONS: Wash face with Cleansing gel, follow with Serum (allow to penetrate for about 30-60 seconds). Now apply face cream. Finish with under eye repair (cream).


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Intensive Wrinkle Repair
Anti Aging
Item #: AAS001
Decorative 15 ml (.5 oz)Pump Bottle
Herbal Face Toner
White Peony, Cucumber and Rose
Item: HFT002
240 ml Bottle


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